I have often been asked where did the name of my yacht come from?

 DriKè (Rhymes with Rita) is from an ancient Norse legend about DriKe, The Goddess of the Sea.

This is a shortened version of the fable:

Legend has it that there was a young women who lived by the sea whose beauty was so stunning that those who glanced upon her were instantly besotted and vowed to follow her to the ends of the Earth. She was willow slim with green eyes and her singing was like the summer breeze gently cosseting the tan sails at sunset.

But her tale was a tragedy for she had fallen in love with a handsome fisherman from the same village.
They were troth to be married when he returned but a great storm overcame his ship and he and all souls on the ship were lost and never found.

She was broken hearted and pined everyday for him and each day she would go down to the sea  waiting for a miracle that would bring her lover back to her. She never again sang her songs of love on summers evenings.
 One day a brave soldier from a nearby village set eyes upon her and was smitten. They became friends and he also vowed his troth but she would not be his bride for she still loved her handsome sailor.

 He was so enraged that he, a brave and important soldier, should be rejected that he followed her to a rock pool were she was bathing. He argued with her and when she refused in a fit of rage he plunged his sword into her heart.

Even wounded and dying in a  pool crimson with her own blood she felt no anger to the soldier for she now knew that she could be re-united with her true love.

 The soldier so racked with grief and guilt when he saw what he had done he took a dagger and plunged it into his own heart and died beside her.

 This was when the Gods took pity on this beautiful maiden and they made her The Goddess of the Sea.

Often on gentle summers evenings, with sails happily tugging on the evening breeze some say they can still hear her soft singing in the rigging.

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