This is an extract from the original clients Brief. 

(Bound copy on the boat .) 

“The client’s requirements were for a yacht with the capability to make extended ocean crossings, probably with at least one crew member, to be strongly constructed to give confidence and ensure longevity and to be a suitable floating home both at sea and in port.

We explored the above basic criteria as follows:

Firstly the suitability of a vessel for ocean cruising in comfort is mainly a function of the size of the boat in question, therefore the upper limit is determined by the manpower to available to operate the craft. The client had no intention of using his boat in ocean racing or to accomplish any feats of daring, such as long distance single handed passage making, so the requirement was clearly for a moderate displacement, well powered (both sail and motor) easily managed yacht, particularly in the arrangement of the sails into the smaller more manageable units encountered in a ketch rig. This gives good performance without excess weight, and is equally suitable for short passages where time is not the most important factor.
The construction material must obviously be steel to give the inherent strength and durability required as a properly maintained steel yacht will outlive virtually any other.
Any yacht is an extension of the character of her owners and as such she must be pleasing to the eye externally and arranged in such a way as to give an air of restfulness to allow for their relaxation when below….”

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